Children who will benefit from our services include those who are having difficulties with one or more of these speech and language skills:
Initial Telephone Consultation


This is an opportunity for you to discuss your concerns regarding your child's speech and language development. You can also find out more about the services that are offered. This is free and there is no obligation to use our services following this discussion.




Reach4Speech is able to offer services to areas within half an hours drive of Gomersal, Cleckheaton
Initial Assesment


This will take approximately an hour. It will include a discussion regarding your child's communication development and your current concerns. The session will also involve assessments which may be informal (using observations and games) or formal (using standardised assessment tools).


Assessment results will be discussed with you and a plan of action agreed.




Following initial assessment, it may be decided that no further input is needed at that time. You will be provided with a brief written report summarising assessment findings and any relevant advice.

Speech and Language Therapy Services
Therapy / Advice Sessions


If therapy is required, an individual programme will be put together for your child based on his/her needs and interests. Sessions will include working directly with your child in play based activities.


Time will also be spent discussing activities, strategies and techniques which will allow you to continue to practise at home.


Therapy sessions are approximately an hour. The length of sessions will be agreed based on your child's age and diffculties and the type of therapy that is needed.




This charge also includes all planning and preparation of your session, including the cost of therapy materials, and any necessary liaison with other professionals. Telephone and email support is also available for parents between sessions.

Other Services


Other services which can be arranged:


  • Attendance at meetings with other professionals.
  • Consultation visits to schools / nurseries / childminders.
  • Written reports, letters and therapy programmes (charged in respect to the time taken to prepare them)


£60 Per Hour




Travel Costs


Travel within a 5 mile radius of Gomersal (BD19) is free. A flat rate travel charge is applied for journeys of further than 5 miles:


  • 5-10 miles journey to child's home/school £5.00

  • 10-15 miles journey to child's home/school £10.00